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In the afternoon of September 11, 2017 two field trips are offered.Content

E1: Field trip to geothermal power plants

- Field Trip

The field trip will visit the Turboden power plant in Traunreut. During arrival the engineers of Turboden will be available to answer all questions regarding the power plant and the installed ORC cylce. In Traunreut you will visit the power plant as well as the district heating part of the plant. Catering will be provided.

E2: Field trip to geothermal district heating plants

The second trip offers to visit the wells and the heating exchange units of thedistrict heating plant in Munich-Freiham and Unterschleißheim. This first is the most recent drilled project of the Stadtwerke München, distributing heat to a new district in the West of Munich. After the stop at the SWM station the field trip continues to the geothermal heating plant in Unterschleißheim of the GTU AG. Whereas Freiham is the youngest heating plant in the Bavarian Molasse Basin, the Unterschleißheim plant is one of the oldest, which is in operation since 2005. Meanwhile the GTU AG managed to be in the black. Here you also get the possibility to taste the thermal water from the Upper Jurassic reservoir in the nearby bath.

Point of departure is the same for either field trip (E1-power/E2-heat).

1 pm/13.00 h
Departure at the northern exit of Munich main station, exit Arnulfstrasse, Munich
7 pm/19.00 Uhr
Arrival at the northern exit of Munich main station, exit Arnulfstrasse, Munich

Please note: The actual arrival time may differ from the time schedule. Please consider any deviation for your further planning. 

Participants are asked themselves to take care of solid shoes and suitable cloths for the weather.

After the welcome speech by the organiser there will be three keynotes in the plenum. This first session of the event will be closed by the "Speed Dating" where exhibitors and sponsors can introduce themselves shortly.

Recent development in geothermal legal framework (borehole integrity, Act on Sphere of Influence, Repository Site Selection Act)

Rainer Zimmer
Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie und Technologie

Economic feasibility of geothermal district heating and demands to industry and politics - experiences and pitfalls

Helmut Mangold
IEP - Innovative Energie für Pullach GmbH

Security of investments in the conflict of mining and water law

Benjamin Richter
Rödl & Partner GbR

with simultaneous translation German/English

(parallel to Forum II and III)

Geothermal power generation and power to grid are of particular relevance for all operators of geothermal power plants. The focus of this forum will be on grid feed-in and its technical aspects.



Dr. Hartwig Schröder
Enpros Consulting GmbH

Flexible power plants - simultaneous heat and power supply

Sebastian Eyerer, M. Sc.
Technische Universität München - Lehrstuhl für Energiesysteme

Two-stage radial flow turbine and Green Eco Plant

Marco Frassinetti
Exergy S.p.A.

Connection of geothermal power plants to the power grid from the suppliers' perspective

Dr. Markus Wiendieck
Erdwärme Bayern GmbH & Co. KG

Certification procedures of power plants - special case of geothermal plants

Dieter Rosenwirth

Feed-in of geothermal energy to the power grid

Carsten Bock
Bayernwerk AG

Operational experience with geothermal plants in Germany: Solutions for parallel mains operation after BDWE and isolated operation

Andrea Duvia
Turboden S.p.A.

The afternoon program starts with technical keynotes regarding quality criteria of geothermal projects.

Mitigation of geothermal exploration risks - lessons learned

Jörg Uhde
Pfalzwerke geofuture GmbH

Definition of a successful project

Prof. Dr. Herbert Hofstätter
Montanuniversität Leoben - Lehrstuhl für Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Recovery

Experience from several decades of hydrocarbon exploration, drilling and project management

Lars Matthes
RAG Energy Drilling GmbH

with simultaneous translation German/English

(parallel to Forum V and Round Table)

The thermal water loop is the heart of a geothermal plant. Open beneath and closed above ground it is influenced by many physical variables that cause an impact on the operation and management. Forum IV discusses the major issues on scaling, inhibitors, flow dynamics, turbulence and other influences.


Dr. Jochen Schneider

Causes of scalings in the thermal water loop

PD Dr. Thomas Baumann
Technische Universität München - Institute of Hydrochemistry

Strategies for preventing mineral scalings in deep geothermal energy

Dr. Florian Eichinger
Hydroisotop GmbH

Positive operation experiences in the geothermal power plant of Sauerlach due to improvement of the thermal water loop

Franz Barenth
Stadtwerke München GmbH

Preparation for an inhibitor operation within a geothermal power plant

Dirk Rosemeier
Geothermie Unterhaching GmbH & Co. KG

Operation experience with scalings in the geothermal water loop

Thomas Jahrfeld
renerco plan consult GmbH

Language: English

(parallel to Forum IV and V)

Due to the positive feedback of last year, the Round Table „Invest Geothermal“ it will be continued in this year. The high class location of the Executive Lounge of the Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft facilitates the dialogue between developers, investors and bankers about early stage and project financing of geothermal energy.

The participants of the congress are invited to join the Praxisforum Lounge in a nearby bar after the congress. An ambient atmophere together with a glass of beer or wine and fingerfood facilitates informal discussions, to continue the networking and chill out the day.

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