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The Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern

In the South of Bavaria exists worldwide unique conditions for geothermal low-enthalpy energy production. More than 20 projects are already operating, furhter are under construction and in planning. The Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern from October 16 to 17, 2018 offers the possibility to profit from the experiences and the know-how of the local actors and build up useful contacts. In the heart of Bavaria - in the center of Germany's energy production.

Continously growing interest

Since the first event in 2013 the interest in the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern grows continously. Meanwhile the participants doubled and in 2016 the event became international, integrating a simultaneous translation. One of the benefirts of the event ist the independent program management with several invited speakers in step with actual practice related to the topics in focus. In additions to the presentations there is also plenty of room for discussions about topical foci and possibilities to connect. The Praxisforum-Lounge after the congress, where all participants, speakers and sponsors are invited, perfects the two days event.

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Storengy, an ENGIE subsidiary, is one of the world leaders in underground natural gas storage. Committed to the energy transition, Storengy offers its technical expertise to partners around the world to develop geothermal heat and electricity projects as well as innovative energy storage solutions.


Simultaneous translation German/English (parallel Workshop "Geothermischer Anlagen")  The event discusses technical and commercial future models based on extensive practical experience from various projects in Central Europe. The aim of thies Workshop is to develop synergies and a perspective for the development of heat with deep geothermal energy in Central Europe. The Europen Heat Summit is organized in closed cooperation with the EGEC. 

Parallel to the European Heat Summit The workshop focuses on experiences and challenges with feed pumps - 2.30pm - 4.00pm - and precipitations (scaling) - 4.30pm - 6.00pm - in thermal water operation of geothermal projects in the Bavarian Molasse Basin. Possible solutions will be discussed and an outlook on innovations and improvements of individual material components will be given.

Simultaneous translation German/English.   The opening ceremony is followed by three keynote held in the plenum. The first session of the day will be closed by a "Speed Dating Event" that offers exhibitors the opportnunity to present their company concisely within 90 seconds. 

Implementation of the Impact Area of the Mining-Law for the Drilling Wells - Concepts and First Experiences

Rainer Zimmer
Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft und Medien, Energie und Technologie

Life-Cycle Analysis of Heat and Electricity Producing Geothermal-Plants

Dr. Cristina de la Rua Rope
Technische Universität München

Simultaneous translation German/English (parallel to Forums II and III)   The forum presents the latest project developments, exploration strategies, and lessons learnt and wants to stimulate discussion and exchange of experience.

3D Seismic in the Isar Valley

Dr. Ralph Baasch
IEP Pullach

Geothermal Project Weilheim - find, but not recoverable

Winfried Büchl
Erdwärme Bayern GmbH & Co. KG

Exploration in the Project Bruck / Garching (Alz)

Oliver Friedlaender
Silenos Energy GmbH

Exploration for the Heat Project Gauting-West / Gilching - Requested

Ulrich Steiner
Heizwerk GmbH

Official Language: German (parallel to Forums I and III) Running heat networks efficiently and economically is a challenge. The technical progress of the last few years makes it now possible to expand heating grids over a large area without appreciable heat losses. Forum II aims to highlight success factors that enable economical and efficient operation of heat networks for municipalities and network operators.

Official Language: German (parallel to Forums I and III)   Focus will be set on the latest research developments and engineering aspects of geothermal power and heating plants.

Modern Working Media in ORC Plants and Their Compatibility with Construction Materials

Sebastian Eyerer, M. Sc.
Technische Universität München - Lehrstuhl für Energiesysteme

Development of Load Profiles for Geothermal Heat Networks for Evaluating Combined Heat-Power-Cogeneration

Tim Eller, M.Sc.
Universität Bayreuth, Lehrstuhl für Technische Thermodynamik und Transportprozesse (LTTT), Zentrum für Energietechnik (ZET)

Hybrid Storage Integration for the Optimization of Deep Geothermal Heating Plants

Dr.-Ing. Christian Bichler
KESS GmbH Kreative Energietechnik Stefan Schubert GmbH

For the first time, the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern wants to award several prizes this year. The best applied junior scientific work for geothermal energy in the Bavarian Molasse basin is to be awarded. Further prizes will be awarded to the "Operator of the Year" in A) Electricity Sector and B) Heat Sector.

Simultaneous translation German/English (parallel to Forums V and Round Table) Dredging of wells for thermal water production, especially with regard to integrity and long-term stability, requires high standards, some of which can be taken over from the oil and gas industry. Forum V discusses the integrity of the wells and the current and required quality management in well development.

Well Integrity and Quality Management

Burkhard Grundmeier
BVEG Bundesverband Erdgas, Erdöl und Geoenergie e.V.

Quality Assurance in Drilling Operations

Benedikt Bindl
RAG Energy Drilling GmbH

Requirements for Casing in Well Removal - Requested

Oliver Paulussen

Cements for Thermal Projects

Dr. Nils Recalde-Lummer
Fangmann Industrie GmbH & Co. KG

Fiber Optic Technology in Modern Well Operation

Dr. Kai Zosseder
Technische Universität München, Lehrstuhl für Hydrogeologie

Simultaneous translation German/English (parallel to Forum V and Round Table) The Upper Jurassic thermal water reservoir in the Bavarian Molasse basin still raises questions about the connection between the individual developments. The latest findings from operations and research are the subject of Forum IV.

First Insights from the Research Project Isomol

Florian Heine, M. Sc.
Technische Universität München, Lehrstuhl für Hydrogeologie

Dating of Groundwater

Michael Heidinger, Dipl.-Geol.
Hydroisotop GmbH

Geomechanical Investigations of Fault Zones in the Vicinity of Geothermal Plants in the Bavarian Molasse

Robin Seithel, M. Sc.
KIT, Institut für Angewandte Geowissenschaften, Abteilung Geothermie

Facies Variations in the Submolass Jura of Bavaria and Their Value for Geothermal Energy

PD Dr. Torsten Steiger
GeoTEC Consult GmbH

Official language: English - no translation provided (parallel to Forums IV and V) The discussion forum on investments in deep geothermal projects in the Bavarian Molasse basin is a platform for a fruitful dialogue between local representatives and business representatives on project development, experiences, incentives and risk minimization.

In the evening of the congress day, the participants of the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern are invited to the Praxisforum Lounge to round off the event in a cozy atmosphere with informal talks, finger food, beer and wine. 

Two GeoTHOUR field trips lead to geothermal heating and power plants located in the greater Munich area and the Bavarian Molasse Basin that use hot geothermal sources for eco-friendly energy supply.

Media and Cooperation Partners

Lehrstuhl für Hydrogeologie

Mit dem Lehrstuhl für Ingenieurgeologie und dem Lehrstuhl für Hydrogeologie hat die Technische Unversität München Forschungskapazitäten etabliert, die für die weitere Entwicklung der Geothermie im Molassebecken eine wichtige Rolle spielen.

TUM München

Die Geothermie-Allianz Bayern (GAB) adressiert Fragen aus Forschung und Praxis im Bereich der Tiefengeothermie. Am Forschungsverbund beteiligen sich die Technische Universität München (TUM), das GeoZentrum Nordbayern der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) und die Universität Bayreuth.


Der Bundesverband Erdgas, Erdöl und Geoenergie e.V. (BVEG) unterstützt die Tiefe Geothermie mit Untertage-Kompetenz, die auf jahrzehntelangen Erfahrungen, Technikkompetenz und dem täglichen Umgang mit hohen Umweltstandards in der Erdgas- und Erdölproduktion sowie der Untertage-Speicherung basiert.


ThinkGeoEnergy, is a geothermal focused advisory firm working for corporate clients on strategic, marketing and corporate finance related activities.

The firm operates the leading geothermal news website and network, covering the complete value chain of the geothermal power sector and industrial scale direct use sector globally.

gwf-Wasser | Abwasser

gwf-Wasser | Abwasser is the leading technical-scientific learned journal of the economy of water quality and quantity, hydrogeological basics about water resource management, the water exploitation, storage and distribution as well as the waste water collection and discharge.

Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie

The Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie is the content strongest and most actual news plattform about deep geothermal energy in the German speaking area. The website offers in addition to the news a monthly newsletter and an extensive mercantile directory related to the news and German geothermal projects.


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October 16, 2018

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October 17, 2018

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Hartmann Valves

Hartmann Valves GmbH is a worldwide recognized system supplier of ball valves and well completion. Specialised on the development, construction and fabrication of flanges and conveying systems for geothermal energy production Hartmann Valves is involved in several national and international projects.

DMT GmbH & Co. KG

The DMT GmbH & Co. KG, a German engineering and consulting company is specialised on siesmic investigations in the framework of geothermal projects.


MICON-Drilling is a worldwide operating company, specialised on the distribution and  renting drilling technological equipment. MICON-Drilling GmbH possesses of decades of experiences within this field and is characterized by high quality approach.  The portfolio comprises among others MWD, drilling motors, stabilizors, core pipes, raise bore equipment, core pipe bits and boring tools. MICON-Drilling offers different services like directional and veritcal drilling.


The service company netCADService offers the software flexRM an allround solution for the data management in different areas: flexRMenergy helps you to manage your geothermal project effectively - flexRMservice allows to organize maintenance operations in the building technology and system engineering efficierntly.

Fangmann Energy Services

Fangmann Energy Services provides profound expertise in stimulation, cementing and downhole tools. Here, flexibility, reliability, and innovation are our trade mark. Our deep knowledge is based upon countless successful applications in geothermal wells. This makes us to your competent partner for your projects – today and in future.

Turboden S.p.A.

Turboden ist das führende europäische Unternehmen in der Entwicklung und dem Bau von ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Turbogeneratoren. Diese hochmoderne Technologie erzeugt Wärme und Strom von erneuerbaren Quellen und wird zur Wärmerückgewinnung in industriellen Prozessen genutzt. Die ORC-Anlagen von Turboden haben eine Leistung von bis zu 15 MW elektrischer Energie pro Einheit.

Mit der Verknüpfung mehrerer Einheiten können auch größere Anlagen gebaut werden.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Storengy becomes Web-Sponsor at the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern 2018

We welcome Storengy as Web-Sponsor of the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern. The ENGIE subsidiary, is one of the world leaders in underground natural gas storage. Committed to the energy transition,...

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

NW Assekuranz in 2018 again sponsor of the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern

NW Assekuranz a traditional policy broker is in 2018 again sponsor of the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern. The company developes national and international insurance concepts for the geothermal...

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Fangmann Energy Services becomes exhibitor

We are pleased to welcome Fangmann Energy Services as an exhibitor on the Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern for the first time. The middle-sized family-owned enterprise conducts professional services...

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